Tow Experience and Age Requirement:

All drivers must have experience in towing trailers. The renter on the agreement is fully responsible for all trailer damages. The renter and drivers must be 25 years old. Trailers are only to be picked up and returned by the renter in order for the trailer to be released. Renters and drivers must speak and understand English because the trailer safety training must be completely understood by the renter and driver upon pickup.


Refunds are not allowed after reservation is made due to the rental is held exclusively for you and turns down other renters for that rental.

Pickup and Return Procedure:

Failure to arrive on time for pickup can result in a late fee. Renter is advised to call ahead to avoid late fee. No call, no show will result in cancellation and loss of payment for rental. No after hour returns. We require a Next Level Rentals and Leasing employee to do a proper check in and inspection of returning equipment for damages. Late returns will result in being billed another day.

Insurance and Liability of Renter:

Renters and drivers are advised to use equipment at your own risk. Renter is responsible for having the proper tow vehicle for your rental and is responsible for any losses. Renters are required to have full coverage insurance. The renter on the agreement is responsible for the trailer and may be liable for full cost of the trailer. Renters and drivers agree to hold harmless Next Level Rentals and Leasing, owners and employees for any liability and /or loss. The renter is responsible for making sure the trailer is safely connected to the tow vehicle.

Electronic Brake:

If the trailer you are renting has brakes, you are required to have an Electric Brake Controller on your tow vehicle. If your tow vehicle isn’t equipped with one, we can provide one for an additional cost.

Electronic Winch:

If the trailer is equipped with an electric winch, it is tested before pickup. Winch and trailer must return in the same condition as pickup or renter is responsible for the cost of repairs. Winch cables or ropes can snap causing property damage, injury or fatality so use extreme caution when operating. Renter assumes risk and liability for self and other while using the winch. Renter agrees to hold harmless Next Level Rentals and Leasing, owners and employees from all liability.

Extending Rental:

If you need to extend your rental, please login and extend your rental before the return date and time. Failing to extend your rental during this time will result in another transaction being needed.

Cleaning fee:

It is important to return your rental in the same condition as upon pick up. If rental is not returned in the same condition, extra fees may apply. In addition to the terms and conditions, if cleaning of the rental is required upon return inspection, there will be a cleaning fee deducted from your security deposit. The minimum cleaning fee is $50.00 and is subject to change depending on the condition of the returned rental.

Delivery & Fee:

If you need your rental delivered, we provide this service for an additional fee. The fee for deliveries within Murfreesboro is $50.00. Deliveries needed outside of Murfreesboro can be determined upon further discussion. For rentals over $500.00, delivery & set up if required, is free.

By signing you agree that your are taking possession of the item you have rented.